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My latest novel, FRACKED: Earth's Warning! was released on January 22nd. Though it's a break from my comfort zone of horror and the supernatural, the story is in the manner of the great "Master of Disaster," Irwin Allen. If I were doing an "elevator pitch" it might go something like this:

Lightly tap away at an egg and it WILL crack open. Fracking along with man’s arrogance and greed, taps away at Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming, home to Yellowstone, one of world’s top super volcanoes. Just how big will that crack be?


Here's the blurb on the books back cover jacket:


Tap …

When the charred remains of a hiker are found at Yellowstone’s Solitary Geyser, no one wants to listen.

 Tap, tap …

When geologist Dr. Gary Hawkins presents unparalleled evidence to support the effects of fracking and earthquakes, no one wants to listen.

 Tap, crack…

When the Old Faithful basin tries to warn with its largest earthquake ever and animals are fighting to escape, no one wants to listen.

 Instead, busloads of tourists arrive eager to capture Yellowstone’s power.

 Only now the world’s largest super volcano is cracking open, ready to show its power … and it’s too late to listen.


It's action packed with heroes, earthquakes and lava!! Oh, and a bit of romance as well. Hope you'll check it out. Let me know what you think.

Here's a link to get your copy:




The two volume ultimate werewolf anthology, LUNA'S CHILDREN, was released on July 7th. The publisher is Dark Oak Press and the editor is D. Alan Lewis. My short story, Hound of God, is in the volume titled FULL MOON MAYHEM and it is available from Amazon (see cover below). It is currently in ebook format and will be released in a hard copy edition sometime in August. When I finished the short story I was so excited about the premise and the characters that I ran with it and completed a full novel. The title is HOUND OF HEAVEN. I am shopping for a publisher or agent. It is in three parts beginning in 1692. Stop back for updates.





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* Heckel Casey

* Reveka's          Return

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