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       Milford Spitz and the very fast machine is a story about two run-away pre-teens, Milford Spitz and Zoe May, who have no relatives and desperately want to escape poor foster care treatment.  They team up with the local bully, Bobby Mang, who is also escaping from a horrible home life.  However, Bobby really means business when it comes to running away.  You see he has a very fast machine that can travel in space, through dimensions and in time.  Bobby wasn’t originally from Minnesota like Milford and his friend, Little Zoe May. The very fast machine (VFM as it is referred to) takes them to adventures way beyond Milford’s expectations.  Bobby reveals how the machine came to be; and that his father and Professor Albert Einstein crafted the machine.  As it turns out Einstein wasn’t actually from Earth or from Bobby’s world either and no one’s quite sure where he came from.  Bobby accounts how his government, who very much wanted the very fast machine, killed his family.

       Not long after the three kids are into their travels, Bobby Mang’s home planet dictator, President Gaslin, and his military pursue them.  As they are traveling that first trip, Bobby explains how his Dad told him never to push the switch for time travel.  Bobby even put Duct tape over it.  Of course the three kids knew that time travel was never a good idea.  They had watched enough of the Sci-fi channel to know better (…but then again?)  Along the way the three adventurers enlist the help of several interesting characters including some very gigantic inhabitants on their first stop, and later a world in a different dimension that is devoid of color with threatening beings that are only shadows.  

       Through out their journeys,  Milford, Little Zoe May, and Bobby Mang discover an education that they could never get at the Winona Middle School back in Winona, Minnesota.



book 1 of The Crimson Pursuit series

Published January 2010 by SynergEbooks

Now available in print!!! (August 2011.)


Reveka's Return


Here's a short excerpt to read:

Miranda lay quietly in her tub.  The water was no longer warm and soothing.  It had turned viciously cold.  The glass containing her favorite nightcap was empty.
       Reveka had been feeding slowly on Miranda for the past hour. 
       I am almost there, Reveka thought.  The transference of my spirit into this creature is nearly complete. Oh, how I have longed for this moment.
       Miranda’s will to live slowly began to emerge.  She tried to wake herself, but instead felt herself slipping slowly below the water line of the bathtub.  Reveka controlled matters now, pushed her down into the water and consumed the remaining essence of Miranda’s life force.
       Minutes passed, the water became totally still.
       Suddenly, the eyes of the body in the water snapped open and a slight grin formed on its mouth.
       Reveka sat up, took her first breath slowly, and relished the moment.  The experience was unlike her kills as a vampire in the past.  Having her spirit invade a person, drain the life force, and overtake the body infusing her spirit within, was more power than she had ever sampled and she reveled in it.
       Reveka emerged from the bath and walked calmly to the full-length mirror positioned on the door.  She stood for the longest time admiring her new body.  Tilting her head from one side to the other, she studied her features.  She thought Miranda’s breasts were a bit smaller than her previous pair, but decided they would be fine. She liked the perkiness and youthful appearance.  It was the hair that Reveka found unacceptable.  She did not want to be blond, too many bad jokes she had discovered from Miranda.  A vampire possesses many abilities and changing one’s appearance was something a skilled, mature vampire was capable of doing.  Reveka disliked shape shifting into other creatures and only rarely found occasion to do so.  However, the hair had to change.  Gradually, the mousy blond lackluster color of Miranda’s hair transformed into a rich, luxurious jet-black color. 



Reveka's Revenge

book 2 of The Crimson Pursuit series

published October 2010 by SynergEbooks


Reveka's Revenge

Here's a short excerpt to read:

A single crimson droplet hit the floor. A moment later, several more followed. A soft moan murmured from a dark corner. Reveka stared intently into the shadows.

"Well?" she muttered slowly. "That's truly remarkable and very interesting."

More blood dropped to the stained, moss covered floor and the weak voice from the dark recess whispered, "Please, that's all I know. I beg you...let me go. I've told you everything."

Reveka stood up, walked closer to the pleading voice, and replied, "Yes, Dr. Moraru, you have been very cooperative, but for letting you go...I am just not convinced that's a good idea." The sound of metal clanging together slowly bounced off the stone walls as Dr. Moraru struggled agains his chains.

"The only problem I have, my good doctor, is that you tried to kill me by sicking that dog you hired. What was that bitch's name?" Reveka said as she raked her elongated nails down the front of Moraru's chest in a sweeping gesture.

Screaming the name, Mariska, Moraru thrashed from the new pain inflicted on him. The name he screamed, enraged Reveka even more.

"I trusted you and you betrayed me," she yelled at Moraru as she leaned into his throat and ripped a chunk of flesh from it.

"Mercy, please show some mercy." Moraru said, struggling to get the words out between screams and the blood filling his mouth.

Reveka stepped back. Her thoughts suddenly flashed to Stephanie. Slowly, she turned around to see the ghostly image of her friend poised near the door to the cell.

Reveka smiled and said, "Well, this is certainly a surprise!"


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Work In Progress...





Rosie politely opened the door.  Hector and Bobby walked down a long hallway to a set of stairs leading to the downstairs storage room which also doubled as a ring for cockfighting.  As they made their way down the stairs, Hector could hear the shouting and betting.  He opened a large, steel door and went inside.  The room was mostly dark except for a spotlight shining on the floor.  About twenty people were strung around a circle looking down into a dug section of the dirt floor.  Hector positioned himself next to an attractive looking blond who looked as if she just stepped off the cover of Glamour Magazine.  The man whose arm she was practically welded to looked like he belonged to a law firm.  Fuckin’ laywer, Hector thought.

“You bettin’ tonight?” Bobby asked.

“No, this sucks,” Hector mumbled.

“Hey, there’s Razor,” Bobby said pointing to a small man dressed all in leather on the other side of the ring.

“Let’s wait until he’s done, or he’ll get all pissy.”

In the center of the ring, two men held their feathered athletes poised to set them down to begin fighting.  Hector shook his head, and pursed his lips in a disgusted scowl.  He took a long swig of his beer as the two opponents set out to fight.

The room erupted with cheering and whooping for their respective hopeful winner.  Razor seemed to be one of the loudest.  At one point, Hector could hear him yell, “Come on you son-of-a-bitch kill the bastard.”

The two cocks brutally attacked each other.  Feathers were strewed all over the ring along with traces of blood.  Gradually, one bird emerged as the dominant fighter, picking out large chunks of flesh from his weaker aggressor.

“Yeah, baby.  Finish the fucker off,” shouted a skinny man who looked like he belonged on a poster advertising the horrible effects of methamphetamine.

Hector could see anger, rage, and a general slow burn forming inside Razor.  Well, this could get ugly.  Looking down into the ring, Hector could see that the fight was just about over.  He took one last swallow of his beer and watched the alpha bird pin down his opponent.  The fight was over.

Meth man, standing next to Razor, hollered loudly and obnoxiously.  It was the slap on Razor’s arm that set off a chain of events that Hector never saw coming.

“Did you just slap me?” Razor said calmly.  The whole room went silent.

“Hey, man.  I won.  I won,” meth man said still blabbering about his winning.

“I said, did you just slap me?”

“Yeah, man.  Your bird is a loser. I won…I...”

Before meth man could finish his gloating exhibition, Razor picked the man up by his neck, slammed his head into the metal railing that encompassed the cock fighting ring.  Blood sprayed out of the man’s nose. With both hands firmly placed on the side of meth man’s head, Razor swiftly spun his hands in a twisting motion as if he were turning a large wheel.  Meth man’s head completely came off his body.  Hector winced at the sound of bones snapping and cracking.  The entire room gaped in horror.  No one moved a muscle.

“There you fucking drug addict.  That’s what I think of your…winning,” Razor said pitching meth man’s head into the ring.  The remaining cock ambled over to the bloody head, and pecked at an eye that was hanging out of its socket.

Someone broke the silence by yelling, “Come on.  We gonna bet or what.”  Another person shouted, “Who’s next?”  Hector noticed a slow murmur resume in the room.  Two guys, that Hector recognized as bartenders, picked up the remains of meth man.  A slap on his back caught his attention.

“Hey, man.  I thought I saw you here.  How you doin’” Razor said as Hector spun around on the defensive.  He smiled nervously, and did the obligatory fist bump.

“I’m cool.  Just thought we’d stop by and see what you were up to,” Hector said putting his beer bottle up to his mouth.

Razor noticed that there wasn’t any beer left.  “Come on.  I’ll buy you a beer.  You, too, Bobby.”

As they were leaving the cock ring, the blond flashed Hector a seductive grin and blew him an air kiss.  That looks like trouble I don’t need, he thought to himself as he closed the steel door behind him.

At the bar, Razor sat staring at his new tattoo that held the image of a skull with a snake coming out one eye.  He slowly rubbed it.

Hector noticed Razor’s reverie, and asked, “How you like the new tat”

Razor didn’t say anything for the longest time, which made Hector nervous at first.  Well, that’s Razor…one moody son-of-a-bitch, Hector figured, taking another swallow of beer.

“It’s fuckin’ awesome,” Razor finally said softly.  “It makes me feel fuckin’ great, like I can do things.”

“Like rip someone’s head off?” Bobby asked with a slight giggle.

Razor slapped Bobby on the back making him gag on his beer, and laughed heartily, “Fuckin’ right!”

After the second boilermaker, Razor motioned for Hector and Bobby to follow him to a booth.   “Hey, man…ya know I told some of my peeps over in LA about the special tat and they like want some.  Do you think that broad doing the tats would hook us up with some of that special ink?”

Hector shrugged and responded with a grunt.

“Well, let’s go see,” Razor said finishing his beer and slamming the bottle on the table.

Hector looked at his watch and saw that it was nearly midnight.  Walking out of the bar, he muttered, “Ah, shit.”